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Beauty Products are those products intended to enhance or change the appearance of a human body or to care for one’s skin. Beauty products can also be those that are taken internally for the purpose of improving one’s health. They range from hair care products, make-up, skincare, and perfume to beauty products for your home and bath. These products are sold over the counter and can be obtained without a prescription.

There are two broad types of beauty products; men’s and women’s. Cosmetics are a broad category of beauty and health products which are used not only to beautify the skin or treat the face, but are also used in conjunction with other therapies to care for the body and face. Cosmetics include lotions, gels, lipsticks, powders, facial scrubs, and moisturizers. Many cosmetics brands are international, making them available all over the world.

Most beauty products fall into one of two categories – synthetic or natural. Synthetic cosmetic products contain synthetic chemicals, coloring, preservatives, fragrance, and binders that cannot be absorbed into the skin. Natural cosmetic products include herbal oils, essential oils, botanicals, and fragrances. Some natural ingredients such as avocado oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and chamomile oil have been known to have therapeutic properties. Botanical fragrances can be irritating and cause skin irritation.

New beauty products on the market include anti-aging formulas as well as skin care products for everyday use. Both are designed to promote healthy aging and are often used together for the best results. Anti-aging creams are great for use when one needs instant wrinkle removers or to tighten sagging facial skin. Wrinkle removers work by lifting away loose, unattractive wrinkles. Skin care formulas can help with general cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

The most widely defined cosmetics product is soap. However, this definition may be narrowing down because many beauty products now contain other ingredients that were not included in the classic bar soap that we all grew up with. Soaps are still primarily made from glycerin, sodium laureth sulfate, and the list of additives continues to grow. Common ingredients in cosmetics creams include vitamin E, Aloe Vera, water, fragrance, and therapeutic agents such as jojoba oil, rosewater, and emu oil.

As the years pass more changes are seen in the cosmetics industry. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied to the processes involved in creating high quality cosmetics products. Machines are being programmed to evaluate each ingredient in the cosmetic formulas, and pick out the ones that seem to provide the most benefit to human health. These machines are even programmed to recommend a specific brand of cosmetic that most closely matches what a person would want to purchase based on their skin type. What is emerging from this ground breaking technology is the beauty industry is no longer dominated by one company. The new definition of beauty products will continue to change with each passing year until artificial intelligence and machine learning completely take over in the cosmetics industry.

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